Worship Committee

The Worship Committee works with the pastor in planning the congregation’s worship life. Our committee selects worship settings, plans special seasonal worship experiences, and coordinates the music, special music and accompaniment for worship.

We coordinate ushers, acolytes, readers, communion assistants and nursery staff. We oversee the production and placement of all worship furnishings, secure supply pastors in the absence of our pastor, and work with Youth Arts Fund recipients to schedule utilization of gifts.

The Worship Committee also provides an Altar Guild. I am Evelyn Pursley and have been the coordinator for the Altar Guild for almost forty years. I was a little reluctant to join because I didn’t feel qualified to work on the “altar”. Then I came to realize that it was “my” altar as well as God’s, and have found it to be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. I feel close to God when I am in the sacristy preparing communion – sometimes even having a conversation with Him.

We work in pairs, one month at a time, usually twice a year. Along with preparing Holy Communion, we clean the worship vessels, change paraments, refresh the candle oil, keep the chancel area clean, and coordinate flower donations.