Social Concerns Committee

The Social Concerns Committee is responsible for the support of ministries that reach out to people in need beyond this congregation. Our committee recommends the allocation of money and the enlisting of time and talent for mission and benevolence projects each year. We help the congregation and its members move into justice activities/responses.

Our committee reviews and evaluates various requests for supporting social ministries, and invites ministries supported by benevolence giving to speak at Sunday morning Adult Forum.

We solicit volunteers to represent the congregation with Lutheran Family and children’s Services of Missouri, Community Helping Ministry, and joint Metro St. Louis Coalition service projects and other social service agencies and/or endeavors.

We work in faith-based advocacy/justice efforts, like Bread for the World, to speak with and for those who have no voice in the church or government. We provide education around the root causes of charity concerns the congregation is addressing to help move into justice advocacy and response.